Who we are

NetServ was created at the beginning of 2021 by Kurt Vannieuwenhuysen and Dries Heremans joining forces.

Kurt Vannieuwenhuysen is a born entrepreneur who ran his own accountancy and tax consultancy firm for 25 years. There he guided many hundreds of entrepreneurs in their growth and shared his insights as an entrepreneur and growth coach. He was never the classic accountant but was far ahead of his time, helping his clients by proactively providing strategic advice, always starting from a financial and tax angle.

In addition to taxation, he remained fascinated by successful managers and learned from them how to develop both personally and professionally. He challenges every entrepreneur to get the best out of themselves and to take them to the next level.

Recently, he made a career switch and founded NetServ, among others. His experience in business makes him a strong cornerstone on which NetServ builds.

Dries Heremans worked for years as a consultant in the IT world. He worked his way up from junior helpdesk employee to all-round advisor in the field of computer networks, servers and Office 365 integrations.

His specialty? Taking full control of your IT infrastructure and ensuring that you can work efficiently and safely. He also specializes in the field of cybersecurity, the security of your network, computers and mobile devices, among other things.

You can count on our professional and dynamic approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help SMEs in a socially responsible, flexible and fast way to gain more benefits from their daily business. Thanks to a personal, client-oriented service with a disciplined and ethical approach, we relieve SMEs of all their ICT challenges by managing, monitoring and securing their ICT infrastructure. We proactively look for pragmatic and tailor-made solutions. As a result, the SME can count on the continuity and security of its ICT, giving it greater peace of mind that it can work faster and more efficiently in its day-to-day business.

Our Vision

To support our mission, it is our vision to be close to you as an entrepreneur. We do this by responding to your questions and needs in a fast and efficient manner, which is made possible by the thorough internal documentation of your file. We want to be your single point of contact for all your ICT challenges. This also allows us to think proactively with you as an entrepreneur. It is our vision that in this way a close relationship of trust is built up between the entrepreneur and his ICT advisor, which fully benefits the entrepreneur.

The NetServ approach

On-boarding computers

Software will be installed on all computers that will allow us to take over the screen remotely. From that moment on, the computers are under our control. This allows us to adjust various things to the computers, but also to monitor them. We can easily install new software on all computers within your organisation.

Because security is a top priority for us, we make sure that every computer is equipped with anti-virus software. This on-boarding procedure also allows us to check when the latest updates have been made to your software and to act proactively and force the updates.

On-boarding servers

A “software agent” will be installed on all servers so that we can monitor your servers day and night. The software agent is an autonomous computer program that allows us to set up the monitoring in a perfect way. As soon as the agent sees no reaction for more than 1 minute, a notification will automatically be sent to our GSM, e-mail and ticketing service. This makes it possible for us to react much faster. Thanks to this software agent, we can check whether everything is running smoothly on the server and we can carry out more in-depth monitoring that may be useful for certain services.


We cannot insist enough on the security of your IT infrastructure. Passwords are a crucial part of this. That is why we are extremely careful in handling and securing your passwords. Of course, we need access to all passwords of all your systems. Therefore, we request a copy of these from your manager. Your passwords are stored with us under a two-factor authentication security system:

– A first layer of security is blocking your list of passwords with a NetServ proprietary password;

– The second means of identification is an additional layer of security that ensures that no one else can access your system. Our employees who have access to your passwords will only be able to log in via a code that they have to generate on their NetServ-mobile.


Depending on the procedures used in your company, we will draw up an organisation chart of who is responsible in your company. This will include who has rights and will be able to request passwords, as well as who will have to give permission for this. Once this procedure has been drawn up, it will be included in our procedure database so that all our technicians and helpdesk staff can follow it closely. At NetServ we handle your data beyond secure and everything is double checked before we take action.

Personal Service Assistant (PSA)

You call a company and keep getting someone else on the line who knows nothing about your case. Recognisable? Not so with NetServ. We ensure that you have a fixed contact person who knows your IT infrastructure inside out: your Personal Service Assistant or PSA.

The permanence at the helpdesk can sometimes be alternated. But thanks to the customer-specific sheet as mentioned under point 1.1 above, every NetServ employee can manage your infrastructure and you can always be helped, even when your PSA is absent. This working method only promotes optimal service.

Safety becomes certainty thanks to interim reporting

On a regular basis, we pull the necessary reports from our cyber security monitoring system. This can be monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs. Thanks to this reporting, you can always be sure that your IT infrastructure is completely secure and that your team can continue to work efficiently. This reporting shows if and how often your IT infrastructure has been attacked, if there are any leaks, and if there have been any abuses or attempts. When the reporting mentions too many negative issues, NetServ proactively contacts you to immediately address and resolve the security issues. Security is our asset.

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