What’s in a name?

The SOC-as-a-service subscription ensures that your organisation (both your entire network and all servers and computers) is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to detect information security incidents. Thanks to the cooperation with NetServ, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) is accessible to every type of organisation.

This service alerts us when a threat is imminent, allowing us to respond quickly, even preventively in some cases, and accurately.

For example, if ransomware or hostage software (a well-known blackmail tool on the Internet) is detected, we are alerted within 15 minutes.

Thanks to this highly professional tool, other potential threats will also be proactively detected and reported to our SOC.

In addition, this subscription includes a monitoring tool for MS Office 365, so that we can monitor the mail traffic and have the possibility to check whether an account has been taken over by a hacker.

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