Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign

When we talk about Security Awareness, we are talking about “being aware of the risks and threats”.
We can minimise the risk and the threat thanks to proactive action. Proactive actions such as Security Training for employees is a huge step forward in the fight against cybercrime.
This subscription includes a full year of in-depth training for your team and users through online videos. The videos are available in Dutch, French, English, etc. Employees are thus made more aware of how to recognise phishing emails (fake emails from criminals) and other hacking methods.
Our asset:
  • We will send out a phishing campaign to all employees concerned as a test to provoke their reaction. The testing will be done by us several times a month.
  • On the basis of the resulting monthly report, employees can be adjusted and may or may not receive additional videos to train them even better. The videos that employees receive are thus adjusted according to the results of the campaigns.
The result: thanks to proactive action, your team is constantly adjusted and safety increases exponentially.

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