NetServ Cybersecurity Plan

The NetServ Cybersecurity Plan, of which a table of contents can be found in Appendix 1, is used to implement Cybersecurity so that your total IT infrastructure is protected against various types of attacks, both external and internal.

The NetServ Cybersecurity Plan is a written document in which all possible risks are addressed and in which all procedures to be followed for your security are explained. The NetServ Cybersecurity Plan is written down from our expertise in cybersecurity.

Our approach at the start of this subscription is as follows:

  • the necessary procedures are drawn up for existing employees
  • we take on the pain points first so that the first line is immediately protected

After the start-up phase, you will receive the following services from us:

  • We look deeper into the security of your IT infrastructure as it is described in our NetServ Cybersecurity Plan so that we can optimise until we reach full protection of your IT infrastructure
  • when new employees join your team, we guide them in the safety procedures to be followed
  • when your IT infrastructure is threatened by internal or external attacks, we immediately develop procedures to stop the threat
    If you become a victim of ransomware, i.e. software designed to harm your systems, we will develop procedures to intercept it as quickly as possible.

Our asset:

  • On a monthly basis, we create an overview of all computers in your network from which you can see which threats have been on which computer and/or on the network and how we were able to intercept them. This overview is generated from our SOC, which stands for Security Operations Center.

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