IT-Security services

Cybersecurity Plan

Protect your IT infrastructure against various types of attacks, both external and internal.

Domain name protection

After the implementation of the domain name security software, this software is useful to see where any new threats come from. You will also be notified should anyone attempt to abuse your domain name.

Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign

Proactive actions such as Security Training for employees is a huge step forward in the fight against cybercrime.


The SOC-as-a-service subscription ensures that your organisation is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to detect information security incidents.

MS Office 365 Security

Mailboxes are always a weak link in your security. That is why the implementation of MFA (Multi-factor authentication) on all accounts is definitely necessary.

If you choose NetServ, then you are one of those successful entrepreneurs who are actively working on setting up and/or maintaining their IT infrastructure and therefore choose a professional partner who offers you the security you are looking for. After an exploratory meeting, we provide you with an optimisation plan that offers you a number of possibilities from which you can choose. We guide you in your choice so that you can be more confident that your team can use your IT infrastructure efficiently and safely.

When you choose NetServ, you choose for certainty and continuity. Each client receives its own file, on which we collect all useful information, even down to the trivial. This ensures that we can respond very quickly to a question or problem. If, by chance, the helpdesk does not refer you to your regular contact person, then every helpdesk employee can already help you out in the first instance. A system that has been well thought out by us so that you can focus on what really counts, your business, with the necessary peace of mind.

Professionalism is an element that we value highly and in which we distinguish ourselves from others. Moreover, we like to distinguish ourselves from many others by focusing on your problems from the point of view of security. Cybercrime is constantly increasing in importance and, unfortunately, regularly makes it into the national press.

We cannot stop it, but as experts in cybersecurity, we can make it quite difficult for the cyber criminals, giving you a great sense of security. We can offer you efficiency combined with security and continuity of your IT infrastructure.

IT management services

Netserv Remote Assist For Computers

With this package, all remote interventions during helpdesk opening hours are covered.

NetServ Intensive Assist For Computers

Everything relating to the work computer under our management is covered by this subscription.

NetServ Intensive Assist For Servers & Network & MS Office 365

All adjustments related to the management of servers, network and MS Office 365 are included in this package.

NetServ Intensive Assist For Network

If you have a network-only location and want to avoid extra costs if there is a problem in the network, we will come on site.



  • NetServ Intensive Assist for Computers
  • SOC-as- a-service
  • Antivirus


  • NetServ Intensive Assist for Computers
  • NetServ Intensive Assist for Servers
  • Network & Office 365 to 10 users
  • Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign
  • SOC-as- a-service
  • Antivirus


  • NetServ Intensive Assist for Computers
  • NetServ Intensive Assist for Servers
  • Network & Office 365 to 10 users
  • NetServ Cybersecurity Plan
  • Domeinnaam Securoty & implementation
  • Security Awareness & Phishing Campaign
  • SOC-as- a-service
  • Antivirus
  • MS Office 365 Security
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 1 hour response time
  • Half a day of permanence a month
  • Intervention on location

Join us today and receive a FREE audit of your IT infrastructure worth EUR 2,000 excluding VAT.

At the start of our assignment, we carry out an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure. We focus especially on efficiency and security. On the basis of this audit, we map out everything and guide you to the right solutions tailored to your company. Thanks to this audit, you as an entrepreneur have a total view of how efficient and secure your IT systems are within your company today.

This audit costs EUR 2,000 excluding VAT. However, you can get it for FREE. What do you need to do? Sign up today for at least one silver package and you can get the audit for FREE.

Tips & Tricks

Hoe herken je een phishingmail

Wil jij graag weten hoe je een phishingbericht kunt herkennen? Wees dan bij al je e-mailberichten alert wanneer er gevraagd wordt om geld of het invullen van persoonlijke gegevens. Een bedrijf waar je klant van bent, heeft jouw gegevens al en zal dat nooit per e-mail aan je vragen. E-mailberichten met valse facturen of (ogenschijnlijk) van de CEO van jouw bedrijf met het verzoek om een betaling met veel nullen te doen, zijn trouwens erg populair. Krijg je per e-mail een betalingsverzoek van jouw CEO of een andere bekende? Ga daar dan niet direct op in, maar verifieer altijd telefonisch of het klopt.

Sterke wachtwoorden

Online beveiliging is absoluut noodzakelijk om cruciale bedrijfsgegevens en privacygevoelige persoonlijke gegevens te beschermen. Een deel van die beveiliging bestaat uit een wachtwoord (of wachtwoorden) om toegang tot online diensten te krijgen. Het is dus belangrijk om sterke wachtwoorden te kiezen, die niet eenvoudig gekraakt kunnen worden. Ons voornaamste advies? Maak het hackers moeilijk en jezelf makkelijk. 1) Gebruik een wachtwoord van minimaal 8 tekens 2) Gebruik letters, cijfers en symbolen - Gebruik een wachtwoordzin 3) Gebruik geen voor de hand liggende informatie 4) Gebruik niet één wachtwoord voor meerdere websites 5) Verander regelmatig je wachtwoord

Tip 3

Verander elke 3 maand je wachtwoord van je werk computer

Tip 4

Geef nooit wachtwoorden door aan mensen of collega's

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